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This exciting adventure will take you across the Dry Gulch Valley on 7 Ziplines. Offering a hands-on experience that puts you in charge of your own gear. That is right, you will be using the equipment yourself as you move throughout the tour! Your friendly guides will be with you every step of the way; keeping an eye on your safety and telling you a bit about this unique valley as you soar through the trees.


The first 5 Ziplines take you zig-zagging through the Dry Gulch Valley.

The 6th line will lead you to the start of the first walking trail. From there, a quick 2-minute jaunt will take you to the most impressive platform. Smile for a photo! This platform showcases a view of the Columbia Valley Wetlands and the Purcell Mountain Range. 

The last line is a double zip; this means you can race a friend to the finish. It is the longest and fastest line on the tour! Once you are back on the ground, you will follow your guides back to the gear up station where you started (about a 3-minute walk).

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Other Site Activities Available

Rock Climbing Wall​

This 35-foot Climbing Wall will take you above the ground for a bird’s eye view of our spectacular Columbia Valley. It can accommodate up to three climbers at once and offers opportunities for both children and adults to build character, confidence, and self-esteem, and have fun while they do it!

It uses 3 mechanically operated auto-belays that move with you as your head up the wall. Choose one of the 3 routes of difficulty and test your climbing speed by challenging your friends and family.

A professional guide will be there to harness you up, give you instruction, and connect you to the TRUEBLUE Auto Belay when you are ready.

Activity Restrictions

Jump Tower​

Face your fear of heights and climb up 32 feet and step off the edge with this exciting attraction. Instructed by two guides, you will ascend a 32-foot pole to the platform. From there, you will be connected to the QUICKjump device. Once you are ready, just step off the platform! Enjoy a true free-fall sensation for a stomach-flipping thrill that is followed by a soft catch as the QUICKjump lowers you to the ground.

Activity Restrictions